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Jul 24, 2017 at 11:31 AM

Adding a new user of Employee type with customized access rights


I'm facing a weird problem. I added a new user [testmat] of type Employee. The newly added user has two groups: (1) employeegroup (2) backofficeadmingroup. I used the impex script* to create user.

Also I granted user rights to [Product] type except one attribute; materialStatus that is. So mat can read, change, remove and create a product. The only attribute testmat user can't modify is materialStatus.

The problem is when testmat user logos on, user can read product but all attributes are disabled, aka read-only . Any idea what might me the problem?

Note: I reviewed access right granted to backofficeadmingroup and employeegroup and non of them has product specific access rights!


$START_USERRIGHTS Type ;UID ;MemberOfGroups;Password;Target ;read;change;create;delete;change_perm Employee ;testmat ;backofficeadmingroup ;1234 ; ; ; ; ;Product ;+ ;+ ;+ ;+ ;+ ; ; ; ;Product.materialStatus;+ ;- ; ; ;