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Former Member
Jul 21, 2017 at 11:02 PM

backoffice corrupted style


Hi all,

I am trying to install a local 6.3 instance on a new Windows machine and struggling with css files. The login page and other pages in backoffice don't have any style at all.
When I run ant sasscompile there are several errors like this one:

  [echo] Running grunt copy_extension_sass
  [exec] grunt-cli: The grunt command line interface. (v0.1.13)
  [exec] Fatal error: Unable to find local grunt.
  [exec] If you're seeing this message, either a Gruntfile wasn't found or grunt
  [exec] hasn't been installed locally to your project. For more information about
  [exec] installing and configuring grunt, please see the Getting Started guide:
  [exec] Result: 99
  [echo] END of calling grunt copy_extension_sass

On the other hand if I manually run grunt in cmd in bin/ext-backoffice/backoffice, I don't get these errors. But somehow grunt is not able to find Gruntfile.js in an ant run.

Is there any additional steps that should be performed?

Thanks in advance.