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Jun 16, 2017 at 11:57 PM

Ship To Contacts not getting deleted fromHybris when SAP idoc is sent through Data Hub


Hi -

We have a custom Canonical Item "CanonicalPartyRelationshipSalesShipToContacts" to replicate Ship To Contacts Partner Functions from SAP Customer Master, this is relationship between Ship To Contact and Sales Area B2B Unit. This gets replicated into Sales Area B2B Unit under Organization Tab in Ship To Contacts-

alt text

The Canonical Item is generated only when DEBMAS idoc has value in idoc segments E1KNA1M-E1KNVVM-E1KNVPM-KUNN2 and
E1KNA1M-E1KNVVM-E1KNVPM-PARVW = 'ZC'. I have created a spring bean id for below classes in customer-raw-datahub-extension-spring.xml "com.hybris.datahub.sapidocintegration.grouping.FilterKeysGroupingHandler" and "com.hybris.datahub.sapidocintegration.grouping.FilterValuesGroupingHandler".

This works fine if I have deleted one ship To contact partner Function out of multiple Ship To Contacts Partner functions in SAP and the same is getting updated into Hybris.

My issue is if I have only one Ship To Contact in SAP and that Ship To contact is deleted and idoc is sent from SAP. Since I have deleted the Ship To in SAP, idoc will not have E1KNA1M-E1KNVVM-E1KNVPM-KUNN2 and
E1KNA1M-E1KNVVM-E1KNVPM-PARVW = 'ZC' information. The same Ship To contact is not getting deleted/removed from Sales Area B2B Unit of hMC.

Please Help...

Thanks VInod