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Former Member
May 17, 2017 at 05:02 PM

backoffice UI broken


I have the following severe rendering problem in backoffice.

broken backoffice

The console does only print many warnings like these: WARN [hybrisHTTP13] [SimpleHybrisWidgetResourceLoader] Unable to resolve JarInfo for '/cockpitng/cng/css/mycustombackoffice.css' (...) WARN [hybrisHTTP31] [DefaultAbstractCollectorChartHandler] Could not find series values (...) WARN [hybrisHTTP14] [ListViewCollectionBrowserMoldStrategy] Missing Column Configuration for type:

But this gives me no clue, even when I debug through that code. No luck with ant clean all, nor with updatesystem, nor with "reset everything" in backoffice orchestrator.

Did anybody face and resolve this already?