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Apr 26, 2017 at 11:33 AM

Options for extending/Reusing the order number sequence


We are using 8 digit order numbers having 99 million limits and we have already used 72 million of that and the remaining might finish in next 6-8 months.

We have around 10 million order and carts created but the actual sequence numbers used are around 72 million. Around 60 million are missed numbers may be because of cache size, clustered environment and due to server restarts.

We are trying to find the best way to find a solution before the limit expires. We have come up with below four options

  1. Wrap-around –i.e. stgain from zero ( Major Risk as reusing the same sequence number may have issues ) - Has anyone tried this option ??

  2. Extend the field by 1 or 2 digits ( It has a Risk of breaking the integration as other systems ( like payment and shipment providers depends on 8 digit logic )

  3. Reuse the unused order numbers ( This will have an impact on the performance, as additional checks will be required to find out unused numbers before allocating an order/cart number ).

  4. Optimize the current order number allocation mechanism to minimize the wastage. ( This will have less impact on other system and the remaining numbers can last for more time).

If any of you can share your experience in dealing with similar problems and which option is a feasible and best suited in Hybris or any other option which you have implemented in order to extend the number series, please share.

Current Hybris version 4.8.7 but we are migrating to 5.7. I am not sure if the new version will have any impact on the solution for this problem but any feedback will be helpful.