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Apr 20, 2017 at 09:02 AM

smart edit personalisation restrication issue



In 6.3, i am trying to add one restriction to a particular user in smart edit personalisation, that is i am replacing the home page banner by one SimpleBannerComponennt to a user.If he login then only the component which i have added in smart edit will be seen by the user.

I have created a new custom store.I have created a new segment in backoffice and adding the segment in smartedit personalisation.and I am replacing homebanner with one SimpleBannerComponent in smart edit personalization. if i go to store immediately after creating in smartedit, the banner which i gave is coming without login. If i login to the site with that user, the banner will not come. The banner will come only when i refresh it in smartedit personalisation.

But when i try the same thing in apparel store , it is coming properly, that is when user login , then only the banner will come. when he logged out of the apparel store, the original home banner will come.

I have referred this link

But when i try the same thing in custom store which i have created, it is not coming properly. I thought this could be the problem with session.Each time i need to refresh the smart edit and i need to go to store and have to refresh it once again. and also it is not reflecting for the user also.. Whenever i refresh the smart edit i ll get the banner in store

Please help me out