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Apr 19, 2017 at 12:36 PM

Error in sending order to ERP


Hi All,

On sending customer order created in Hybris Commerce to S4HANA erp system, the error coming in publish step in datahub is below: [ERROR] [c.h.d.s.i.DefaultDataHubEventListenerRegistry] com.hybris.datahub.service.impl.PublicationInitiationEventListener threw an exception on InitiatePublicationEvent. Continuing to notify other listeners. com.hybris.datahub.conversion.base.ConversionException: Target system 'SapErpSystem' not found for request publication data: TargetSystemPublicationData{publicationId=null, startTime=null, endTime=null, status='null', targetSystemName='SapErpSystem', actionId=1, poolName='null', canonicalItemCount=0, internalErrorCount=0, externalErrorCount=0, numberOfErrors=0, ignoredCount=0}

Also the of the datahub is having the details of erp system maintained, but still above error is coming. In the backoffice, data hub view, in quick upload in publish option, in target system dropdown only HybrisCore is coming, but not SapErpSystem system.

So please suggest how to fix this error. Thanks.