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Apr 12, 2017 at 06:40 PM

Help importing multiple pricerows that differ by scale(minqtd)


I am trying to create an impex that will add 2 prices rows to a product that differ only by the scale(minqtd) value.

$masterCatalog=masterCatalog $version=Staged $masterCatalogVersion=catalogversion(catalog(id[default=$masterCatalog]),version[default=$version])[unique=true,default=$masterCatalog:$version] $prices=Europe1prices[translator=de.hybris.platform.europe1.jalo.impex.Europe1PricesTranslator] $approved=approvalstatus(code)[default='approved']

INSERT_UPDATE Product;code[unique=true];$prices;$approved;$masterCatalogVersion;Europe1PriceFactory_PTG(code) ;DP;1 pieces =25 USD N; ;DP;5 pieces =20 USD N;

Only one PriceRow is added to the product and it is the last one processed. Any suggestions?