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Mar 13, 2017 at 04:00 PM

SAP Customer Updates are failing to replicate the same updates in the Hybris B2B Unit


Hi- I have set a Deletion Flag to a Customer in SAP and triggered the idoc. When a Deletion Flag is set for a SAP Customer (Check Box is checked in SAP), in DEBMAS idoc in segment E1KNA1M-LOEVM will have value 'X' and with this in the impex file I can see value 'true'. When the Deletion Flag is removed (Check Box is Unchecked) for the same SAP Customer in SAP & DEBAMS idoc is triggered. In DEBMAS idoc segment E1KNA1M-LOEVM, SAP will not send any value since I have unchecked the box in SAP & from Java perspective treated as null. When the same idoc is getting replicated into hybris, I can still see old value 'true' in my second impex file where as the value should be 'false' in the impex file. The 'true' value is taking from previous Canonical item which has status SUCCESS. If an attribute is updated to blank/null for the saved SUCCESS Canonical Item, that latest value (null) is not getting set to the newly merged canonical item since both the Canonical items will have same integration key. Here is my transformation expression - sapDeletionFlag?.trim()?.length() > 0 in Customer-target.xml file. Please advise how to handle this scenario in Data Hub.