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Feb 17, 2017 at 06:24 PM

Hybris system update taking long


Hybris update on our production env and pre-prod env is taking 1.5 to 2 hours which way more than what our business allows. We are on Hybris 5.6

Options selected while running update:

1) Update running system

2) Localize types

3) Clear hmc config

Project data: A couple of extensions but their impex count is very limited and surely don't take long

Below are our findings;

1) We pulled the AWR report from our database while update was running and found that there were Update DML running on multiple tables which were taking long. Below are the DML stmts

 UPDATE pricerows SET modifiedTS=createdTS WHERE modifiedTS IS NULL
 UPDATE medias SET modifiedTS=createdTS WHERE modifiedTS IS NULL
 UPDATE itemsynctimestamps SET p_syncjob=0 WHERE p_syncjob IS NULL

Below are the details on the count of these tables

Pricerows -> 753516376

Medias -> 8815918

ItemSyntimestamps -> 76512157

2) I re-executed hybris update on pre-prod env after reducing the row count of these tables and it finished in 21 mins. Below were the new row counts

PRICEROWS -> 2463815

Medias -> 766


3) Checked on prod and pre-prod env, there are no records in these 3 tables having MODIFIEDTS = NULL


1) Why is hybris running this query?

2) Can this be skipped?

3) Is there any other option to optimize it?

Any help on this will be appreciated. Thanks