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Former Member
Jan 16, 2017 at 05:44 AM

i want to create impex export script for export information from multiple table using flexible search


Is anyone help me to create impex export for the below flexible search query in "#% impex.exportItemsFlexibleSearch( "

Flexible search query is run successfull but i am facing problem to create header for the flexible search query .

"#% impex.setTargetFile( ""work.csv"" );" insert WorkflowItemAttachment;&Item;code[forceWrite=true];comment;creationtime[forceWrite=true,dateformat=dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm:ss];item(&Item)[allownull=true];modifiedtime[dateformat=dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm:ss] ;name[lang=en];workflow(code)[forceWrite=true,allownull=true]

"#% impex.exportItemsFlexibleSearch("SELECT {w:name} AS Task_Name, {w:creationtime} AS Task_Created, {w:modifiedtime} AS Task_Updated, {wa:name} AS Action_Name, {wac:comment} AS Action_Comment, {p:code} AS Affected_Product FROM { WorkflowItemAttachment AS wia JOIN Product AS p ON {wia:item} = {p:pk} JOIN Workflow AS w ON {wia:workflow} = {w:pk} JOIN WorkflowAction AS wa ON {w:pk} = {wa:workflow} JOIN WorkflowActionComment AS wac ON {wa:pk} = {wac:workflowAction} }");" "#% impex.exportItems( ""Workflow"" , false );"