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Former Member
Jan 05, 2017 at 04:32 PM

SOLR text search on multiple item types


I have an embedded SOLR setup on my local desktop. I configured a SOLR item type (ProductA that extends Product) and indexed the required properties. Everything goes as expected and I am able to see my products in the storefront. After that I create another item type (ProductB that extends Product) and added that to the Facet Search Config Indexed Types, I have already added a property from the new SOLR item type as a searchable field by adding it to DefaultFreeTextQueryBuilder. However, when I search from the storefront, I see that the query uses only the first Solr Core Record and than finds only items of ProductA. In the SOLR console the items are correctly indexed. So how Can I execute a search for both item types from the storefront?