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Jan 02, 2017 at 01:11 PM

Flexquery not giving result in code hoever execting well in HAC.


Select {P:PK} from {Basestore as B}, {CatalogsForBaseStores as CB},{Catalog as C}, {Product as P} where {B:Pk}={CB:source} and {CB:target} = {C:PK} and {C:PK} = {P:Catalog} and {B:customId} =?customID

This query is not fetching the products from code however it is fetching the products when used in HAC. customID is "java.lang.Integer" and the value I am putting here in code of String type.

I tried using Integer.parseInt too to replace the value still it is returning empty JSON

I am using this in Dao which is called via hybris webservices.