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Nov 30, 2016 at 09:58 AM

Data Hub Publication performance optimization


Hi All,

We are using DataHub Oracle Database). Now regarding Customer replication from SAP/ECC system, first we tried to replicate 500-600 customers at once. which were replicated successfully.

But when we tried to replicate large amount of customer data(4000-5000), replication doesnt work., Publication status is shown as "SUCCESS" but CanonicalCount is "0". Only first 600-700 customer gets replicated into Hybris.

Below are Permormance Configuration Paramters maintained in DH :

datahub.import.batch.size=1000 datahub.composition.batch.size=1000 datahub.max.composition.action.size=1000 datahub.max.publication.action.size=1000

Also what is standard number of (customer)data records replication supported by DataHub and above issue can be related to DataHub system hardware configuration also like Memory Heap size?

Thanks, Yaten