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Nov 28, 2016 at 02:00 PM

Calling a bean in the backoffice view


I am trying to define a "create-wizard", some of the required values should be computed and not entered by the user/admin. One of these values is a code serving as a PK who is provided by a generator bean. I want to call the generate method of this bean in an assign element using the SPel syntax.

In my attempts to find a solution I have ssen that i can't use other beans, I have also found the bean "FixedBeanResolver" defined in backoffice who seems to list all available bean. I have tried making an other "FixedBeanResolver" containg the name of my generator bean and I've tried to implement a beanPostProcessor to add my bean to the "FixedBeanResolver".

Here is a snippet from the -backoffice-config.xml file.

 <context component="create-wizard" type="MyType">
 <wz:flow xmlns:wz=""id="ProductWizard" title="create.product.title">
     <wz:prepare id="productPrepare">
         <wz:initialize property="newType" type="MyType"/>
         <wz:assign property="newType.code" value="@translationRequestCodeGenerator.generate()" />
         <wz:assign property="newType.emissionDate" value="new java.util.Date()"/>
         <wz:step id="step1" label="create.product.essential.label" sublabel="create.product.essential.sublabel">
             <wz:content id="step1.content">
                 <wz:property-list root="newType">
                     <wz:property qualifier="author" type="java.lang.String"/>
                     <wz:property qualifier="code" readonly="true" />
             <wz:navigation id="step1.navigation">
                 <wz:next visible="!#empty(newType.code)"/>
                 <wz:done visible="!#empty(newType.code)">
                     <wz:save property="newType"/>