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Nov 17, 2016 at 09:42 AM

Data hub integration with ERP through gateway


1) We are integrating Hybris Data hub with ERP through IC (Integration center gateway). So, Hybris will send/receive xml files from IC only and also ERP will send/receive xml files from IC only.

targetsystem.saperp.url=IC URL targetsystem.saperp.username=username targetsystem.saperp.password=password

Maintaing all other information of datahub properties as well.

2) Now, we are Passing sample MATMAS (IDoc type MATMAS05) IDoc xml through /datahub-webapp/v1/idoc/receiver for testing.

3) Then, we are getting response as,

The parsing of the IDOC took 96 milliseconds. 1 IDOCs, 11 fragments, 187 values.

Invalid canonical data occured, CanonicalProduct with key '{productID=xyz, creationSystem=IxxCLNT100}' could not be found in pool 'DataHubPoolEntity{id=0, name=GLOBAL}' when evaluating 'CanonicalProductSales' with key 'IxxCLNT100|xyz|0001_01'

Finally, it is not replicating product data

Thanks in Advance...