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Nov 17, 2016 at 05:50 AM

configuring advanced search in custom perspective


Hi Experts,

In my custom perspective, I am referring OOTB Orders node (in explorer tree) and configured advanced search, collection browser ,editorial view.

Now i need to customize the search results shown on collection browser and make certain fields read only in editorial view and introduce new tabs after administration tab etc.

Could you let me know, how can i make the advanced search to pick the properties defined in my customconfig.xml. ? I am trying to remove few properties available for selection by,

commenting from list and also by property, visible="false". both are not reflecting.

     <advanced-search:advanced-search xmlns:advanced-search="" xmlns="">
             <field name="code" selected="true" operator="contains"/>
             <field name="date" selected="true" operator="greater"/>
             <field name="user" selected="true" operator="equals"/>
         <!--      <field name="calculated" visible="false"/>
             <field name="currency" selected="false"/> 
             <field name="deliveryAddress" visible="false"/> -->
             <field name="deliveryCost" visible="false"/>
             <field name="deliveryMode" selected="false"/>
             <field name="deliveryStatus" selected="false"/>
             <field name="discounts" selected="false"/>
             <field name="discountsIncludeDeliveryCost" selected="false"/>
             <field name="discountsIncludePaymentCost" selected="false"/>
             <field name="exportStatus" selected="false"/>
             <field name="net" selected="false"/>
             <!-- <field name="paymentAddress" selected="false"/> -->
             <field name="paymentCost" selected="false"/>
             <field name="paymentInfo" selected="false"/>
             <field name="paymentMode" selected="false"/>
             <field name="paymentStatus" selected="false"/>
             <field name="status" selected="false"/>
             <field name="statusInfo" selected="false"/>
             <field name="subtotal" selected="false"/>
             <field name="totalDiscounts" selected="false"/>
             <field name="totalPrice" selected="false"/>
             <field name="comments" selected="false"/>
             <field name="creationtime" selected="false"/>
             <field name="itemtype" selected="false"/>
             <field name="modifiedtime" selected="false"/>
             <field name="owner" selected="false"/>
             <field name="pk" selected="false" editor="com.hybris.cockpitng.editor.defaultlong"/>

This context is defined in customconfig.xml.