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Nov 05, 2016 at 07:16 AM

CMSCockpit Editor removing HTML tags ONLY if hybris is deployed in Linux (but IT WORKS if deployed in Windows)


Ok, I have seen this question here before by several people, the problem is that it removes all HTML tags, for example if I add an iframe to embed a youtube video, when I click on "Ok" to update, all html code is removed.

Something is weird in Hybris 5.7, the WYSIWYG editors does NOT work if hybris is deployed in Linux, but IT WORKS if deployed in Windows.

In this test , the source code is exactly the same and both are connected to the same database. The only difference is the operating system.

See the following screen cast I've prepared so you can understand what I'm talking about

What's up with Linux? is there any library required there or what is happening?

Thanks Jafet