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Former Member
Nov 02, 2016 at 03:36 PM

Catalog synchronization of localized attribute


Hi Everyone,

We are having problem with synchronizing a localized attribute of a catalog aware type.

Type definition:

 <itemtype code="MaterialSalesAreaInfo" autocreate="false"
                 generate="false" jaloclass="">
                     <property name="catalogItemType">
                     <property name="catalogVersionAttributeQualifier">
                     <property name="uniqueKeyAttributeQualifier">
 <attribute qualifier="salesTextDescription" type="localized:java.lang.String">
                         <persistence type="property" />

We loaded salesText for different languages and when we perform a catalog sync these multilingual values are not synchronized.

Options tried 1. Added language to catalog synchronization job so it includes all the languages for synchronization 2. Added materialSalesAreaInfo as a root type for synchronization

Any pointers on how to solve this? Version is 5.3.

Regards, Suresh