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Former Member
Oct 18, 2016 at 04:01 PM

REST API call using B2B API AddOn and ycommercewebservices


Hi Expert,

We are developing some user stories for client and below is the requirement from business -

  1. Third party system will send restful call (Product code will be in request) to hybris and expecting product image file (any one image) in response. It means restful call or service call will download product specific image (any one) file from hybris.

  2. Third party system will send restful call to update product status in hybris and expecting ok / success status in response. e.g. Third Party system will send Restful call, in request they will pass Product Code and Status code (200 or 400) and this call will update flag status (custom attribute) at product level.

I have doubt is it possible to implement through B2B API AddOn, if yes then what level of customization is require and how to achieve this.

Previously I had handle similar request by OCC Module (ycommercewebservices) but in previous application client was interested in product details and relevant information.

Can anyone please suggest.

Many Thanks in advance,