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Oct 11, 2016 at 01:32 PM

ImpEx Export CronJob - How to set Filename and destination Folder?


Hi all, I'm running a Hybris 6.0 and I need to export some content to a plain CSV file in a particular folder with a particular naming prefix. Using the Backoffice tools I created a Script containing the Impex and then created the ImpEx-Export CronJob setting: - the ImpEx content pointing to the Script created, - the Mode to "Export no re-import", - Export as singleFile "true". This generates a "ImpExCSV_.csv" file in the "hybris\temp\hybris" folder; this filename is set regardles of what I put inside the Impex setTargetFile (e.g. "Orders.csv").

I would need your guidance in order to set the csv filename keeping the hash or some timestamp (e.g. to "Orders_.csv), and to set another destination folder.

I already revised all the information available online and I still can't find the right solution. There is an old question posted here: "Impex export filename and location" However the reply is not very clear.

Thanks and Regards, Max