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Jul 09, 2016 at 04:22 PM

Approved products remain un-synched after catalog synchronization


The catalog sync job completes with success. However, I find that some products still aren't synched, when they have obviously been modified. I am looking at the sync timestamp for one such product:

  • Last sync modified time was 2016-06-30 15:43:28.309

  • Last sync time was 2016-06-30 23:38:08.075

  • On the source, last modified time is 07/07/2016 3:35:09 AM. It is approved status.

  • On the target, last modified time is 07/05/2016. It is in a 'check' status

So what gives? Based on the timestamps, this product should have been included for sync.

Another thing I have checked is any search restriction on these products but none I can see defined.

I am thinking of enabling debug but I'm not so sure if it will give me any useful information, given that it isn't even "detecting" this product for inclusion in the sync