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May 29, 2016 at 09:43 PM

There is no resource for path /oauth/token - Hybris 6.0 - ycommercewebservices - customized as ekomwebservices



I have customized the ycommercewebservices extension using modulegen, and my extension is named as ekomwebservices.

when accessing the URL http://localhost:9002/ekomwebservices/oauth/token - I get a 'There is no resource for path' error

I checked that the oauthauthorizationserver is present as required extension in the ekomwebservices's extensioninfo.xml, but when I did not find it in platform->extensions of hac. So, I added the oauthauthorizationserver extension in my localextensions.xml too; then it appeared in the platform->extensions of hac. the url of /authorizationserver/outh/token is working

still am unable to access http://localhost:9002/ekomwebservices/oauth/token;

Next thing I checked is there are no default clients with client-credentials grant declared in the oauth spring.xmls, it refers to a de.hybris.platform.webservicescommons.oauth2.client.impl.DefaultClientDetailsService for fetching the clients - wierd thing is- couldn't find this class in any extension under hybris/bin - NOT SURE how the build worked without failing!!!

not sure what to do next