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May 24, 2016 at 05:51 AM

how to configure delivery method in OMS


I have setup b2c store and configured delivery mode,country,zone,base store to place order and order placed successfully. In delivery-modes impex file, data is inserted into ZoneDeliveryMode model.

When enable OMS in b2c module , order can not placed due to delivery method is not coming.

I observed this result.


SELECT DISTINCT {zdm:pk} FROM { OmsZoneDeliveryModeValue AS val JOIN ZoneDeliveryMode AS zdm ON {val:deliveryMode}={zdm:pk} JOIN ZoneCountryRelation AS z2c ON {val:zone}={z2c:source} JOIN ZoneCountryRelation AS z2f ON {val:fromZone}={z2f:source} JOIN BaseStore2DeliveryModeRel AS s2d ON {val:deliveryMode}={s2d:target} } WHERE {val:currency}=?currency AND {z2c:target}=?deliveryCountry AND {z2f:target}=?shipFromCountry AND {s2d:source}=?store AND {zdm:net}=?net AND {zdm:active}=?active

This above flexible query return empty result.

I think that OmsZoneDeliveryModeValue should get data of parent model ZoneDeliveryMode. Flexible query should get data of ZoneDeliveryMode model. it should return result.

deployment is not defined for OmsZoneDeliveryModeValue data of OmsZoneDeliveryModeValue is stored in deployment of ZoneDeliveryMode.

Any help will be appreciated.