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May 17, 2016 at 02:55 AM

Impex Export Products where Price Rows are Null


I'm trying to find all the products in our system that don't have a price row. My first instinct was to have something like the following:

 INSERT_UPDATE Product; code;
 "#% impex.exportItems(""SELECT {P:pk} FROM {Product as P}, {CatalogVersion as CV}, {Catalog as C} WHERE {CV:catalog}={C:PK} AND {C:id}='$catalog' AND {CV:version}='$version' AND {P:catalogversion}={CV:PK} AND {P:europe1Prices} IS NULL"", Collections.EMPTY_MAP, Collections.singletonList( Item.class ), true, true, -1, -1 );"

This brought up the error that P:europe1Prices is not a table name. Is any one able to tell me what that table name would be? Or how to go about finding this in another way?