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May 11, 2016 at 03:28 PM

Unable to authenticate to Target System [v5.6]


Is there any reason why this error happens during publication to hybris, while the credentials are correct? Such as networking, environment issues etc? During deployments, we see this happening a few times, without any changes to the target system credentials and DH IP, port.

hybris log:

 INFO   | jvm 1    | main    | 2016/05/11 13:20:29.253 | WARN  [hybrisHTTP27] [] [ContextInformationLoader] Cannot find CMSSite associated with current URL (!

Data Hub log:

 2016-05-11 13:20:29,168 [ERROR] [c.h.d.s.i.PublicationActionHandler] Publication #3 to target system HybrisInvoiceHistory failed
 com.hybris.datahub.api.publication.PublicationException: An error occurred during the export of impex file
         at com.hybris.datahub.core.adapter.impl.CoreAdapterService.targetSystemPublication( ~[datahub-core-export-service-]
 Caused by: com.hybris.datahub.api.publication.PublicationException: Unable to authenticate to Target System
         at com.hybris.datahub.core.client.impl.DefaultExportClient.validateAuthResponse( ~[datahub-core-export-service-]

EDIT: Restarted hybris server and problem was gone. Any explanation?