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Former Member
May 11, 2016 at 11:18 AM

How to restrict a promotion of one type to be applied once per cart?


HI All, I have requirement to make sure a particular promotion is applied only once per cart. example : I have product A and B as a bundle promotion. if cart contains 1 in quantity for each, promotion should be applied. If the cart is modified to have more products that makes bundle qualified again and again, it should limit the promotion to be applied only once, and for the other products pricing should be calculated accordingly, and the bundle price should not be applied. How can i achieve this ?

ex : product A (individual price 300$) and product B (individual price 300$) as bundle for 500 $. cart 1: product A + Product B one quantity each : 500 $ Cart 2 : Product A + Product B two in quantity each. -- makes it qualified twice for bundle price. But i want bundle price to be applied once and for the other products, it should not take bundle price : so for Cart 2 it should charge 1100$ instead of 1000$, which is OOTB behaviour.

How Can i do this ? -- I am using 5.5.1 Version Hybris .