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May 05, 2016 at 11:25 AM

Multi Tenant Type System


As per wiki different slave tenant can have different type system: alt text

alt text We have a requirement that different slave tenants can have different type system, for example custom attributes added to product type will be different in different tenants based on business needs. To achieve this we did following: 1. Created two new extensions – pimextension, ecommextension 2. Created new type in each of these extension – PIMType and EcommType respectively. 3. Defined two tenants - PIMTenant, EcommTenant 4. Added forbidden.extensions=pimextension in EcommTenant and forbidden.extensions=ecommextension in PIMTenant. After this also both types are visible in all the slave tenants. Is this is default behavior of hybris or there is a way to achieve this?

Any pointers will be highly appreciated. Thanks