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May 05, 2016 at 09:59 AM

Split Single Order/Cart Entry into multiple Order/Cart Entries of the same product based on Promotion applied


I need to split single order entry into multiple order entries based on Promotions applied. For eg :- Suppose there is a Volume Quota Threshold of 1000 litres upto which customers are provided a discount of 5%. Suppose a customer places an order of 1500 litres of Product A. Thus, customer is eligible for a discount of 5% on Product A for first 1000 litres and he will be charged at the normal rate on next 500 litres. Before applying promotions, there was a single order entry in the cart for Product A. After promotion is applied, the single order entry or line entry of Product A needs to be divided in two line entries with same Product A but different quantities and at different rates or prices. Thus, how do we achieve to split a single cart entry into multiple cart entries based on our promotions logic ? Is there some OOTB way out for this ? If not, then how is single cart entry divided into muliple cart entries ?