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May 05, 2016 at 01:56 AM

IOS SDK Error when Installing Pods


Hi Experts, I followed the guide from IOS SDK but I am getting an error when installing pod (

Davids-MacBook-Pro:yB2BApp David$ pod install Updating local specs repositories CocoaPods 1.0.0.rc.2 is available. To update use: gem install cocoapods --pre [!] This is a test version we'd love you to try. For more information see and the CHANGELOG for this version Analyzing dependencies Fetching podspec for yCommerceLibrary from ../yCommerceLibrary Fetching podspec for yLocationLibrary from ../yLocationLibrary Fetching podspec for yScanningLibrary from ../yScanningLibrary [!] Unable to satisfy the following requirements: - PromiseKit (= 1.5) required by yCommerceLibrary (5.6) Could you help me out...? Best Regards