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Apr 19, 2016 at 04:59 AM

backoffice-config.xml change doesn't effect


hi I'm trying to change backoffice view in my custombackoffice extension with following trail instruction but have a problem.

explorer-tree and list view setting work well but doesn't work following component.

  • base

  • simple search

  • advance search

  • editor area

I tried change following two way.

  1. change custom-backoffice-config.xml then reset to default for cockpit config at back office from Orchestrator mode

  2. change cockpit config directly from Orchestrator then store

both doesn't work. Does anyone have idea to resolve?

 <context component="simple-search" type="Sample">
     <yss:simple-search xmlns:yss="">
         <yss:field name="code"/>
         <yss:field name="status"/>
         <yss:field name="comment"/>
         <yss:sort-field name="code" asc="true"/>
 <context component="advanced-search" type="Sample">
     <as:advanced-search xmlns:as="" connection-operator="AND">
             <as:field name="code" operator="contains" selected="true"/>
             <as:field name="products" selected="true"/>
             <as:field name="brand" selected="true"/>
             <as:field editor="java.lang.Long" name="pk" operator="equal" selected="false" sortable="false"/>
         <as:sort-field name="code" asc="false" />
     <editorArea:editorArea xmlns:editorArea="">
         <editorArea:tab name="essentials">
             <editorArea:section name="essentials">
                 <editorArea:attribute qualifier="code"/>
                 <editorArea:attribute qualifier="comment"/>
                 <editorArea:attribute qualifier="status"/>
                 <editorArea:attribute qualifier="modelheight"/>
                 <editorArea:attribute qualifier="brand"/>
 <context component="base" type="Sample" >
     <y:base xmlns:y="">
     <y:preview urlQualifier="uploadedImages?.medias?.get(0)"/>