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Apr 15, 2016 at 10:51 AM

Backoffice how to customise search & display for specific customer context


Hi, I have a scenario where in backoffice the backoffice User will land with customer in context via the URL (Basically the backoffice is opened via SSO).

Here is is the sequence:

  • Have used BookMark Event to get hold of the URL parameter (CustomerID) with in widget, which is working fine.

  • Have got a separate perspective with Tree on the leftslot and centerslot with collapsable having Search/Advanced Search (top slot) , List (middleslot) & Details in the bottom slot.

  • Have got "All Orders" in the left hand Tree and when i click it refreshes the centerslot with list items.


  • When I click on the "All Orders" I need to make sure that the list on the center slot display ONLY the Orders related to the Customer in context. I have seen the "AdvancedSearchController" is triggered and a doSimpleSearch is called, If I extend AdvancedSearchController will I be able to override the search functionality?

  • How to make the Simple Search & Advanced search to fetch items ONLY related to the Customer in context.

  • On the URL if I pass an Order ID then the corresponding Order should be opened after all the widgets are loaded in the center slot.

Thanks, Srini