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Mar 18, 2016 at 08:12 PM

401 bad request


Hi I set up stand alone data hub on apche tomcat once I hit below url

GET - http://localhost:8080/datahub-webapp/v1/data-feeds/DEFAULT_FEED/ I am getting 200 successmessage through rest client as specified in wiki (You should get a 200 Success message in response, which shows the Data Hub is running properly.) But when I am trying to push data with below url specified in wiki

POST - http://localhost:8080/datahub-webapp/v1/data-feeds/DEFAULT_FEED/items/RawProduct HEADER: Content-Type: application/octet-stream / x-tenantId: single


ourceId,isoCode,baseName,baseDescription,ean,manufacturerName,manufacturerAid,unit,style,size,SKU,category,styleDescription M25687,en,"T-Shirt Men Playboard Skull SS",,,,,pieces,,,,, M25687,de,"Herren T-Shirt Playboard Skull SS",,,,,pieces,,,,, M25687,,,,,,,,,,,tshirts getting 401 bad request and it says header content type is wrong.

Can you Please let me know what could be the issue and if use header content typeas application/Json I am getting unsupported media type