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Former Member
Mar 09, 2016 at 02:13 AM

Product sync restriction issue on Category updates


Hi experts,

Im following the suggestion in to use 'readyForSync' attribute on Products that I want to sync, I assigned this SearchRestriction to a dedicated sync user and run SyncJob with this dedicated user. Everything is working as expected!

The issue comes when add or remove a product to a Category. Consider this case:

  1. CategoryA has two products assigned, one is ready for sync and the other one IS NOT ready to sync. And the category is already synchronized.

  2. Assign a new product that is ready to sync to this CategoryA.

  3. Perform a Sync job.

Results: The Category is being sync because I added a new product to it (as expected), but Category online is removing the product that is readyForSync=0 in Stage. Seems that Category sync is doing a comparison between Stage and Online applying the same SearchRestriction in both, as Stage is getting two products that are readyForSync=1 and Online is getting three products that are readyForSync=1, then the extra product is removed, which is a not desired behaviour.

Im thinking to add a SearchRestriction to Category to only Sync when the catalogversion=Stage ignoring Online.

Do you guys faced this issue before? Any recommendations?

Many thanks!!