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Feb 12, 2016 at 04:08 PM

Unable to customise CMSSite editor-area in backoffice admin area


In hybris 5.7 I'm trying to customise the backoffice admin area (hmc2) editor configuration for the CMSSite item. In my backoffice-config.xml file I have the following:

 <context merge-by="module" parent="auto" type="CMSSite" component="editor-area">
     <editorArea:editorArea name="editorArea">
         <editorArea:tab name="">
             <editorArea:section name="">
                     <editorArea:default>THIS IS A TEST. IT HAS SUCCEEDED.</editorArea:default>

However when I view a CMSSite in the backoffice admin area it does not show my test content.

If I change the type attribute from CMSSite to Product or Employee and then reload the backoffice configuration those types are successfully customised to display the test content.

My extension depends on cms2 and therefor should be able to customise the configuration of the CMSSite. What have I got wrong which is preventing the customisation from applying to the CMSSite items.

Thanks, Nicko