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Feb 09, 2016 at 08:40 PM

ImpEx Created Employees - Can't Log In


ImpEx Created Employees - Can't Log In

I'm currently creating some Employee's by ImpEx:

 #Create Employees
 #Delete if Existing
 REMOVE Employee; UID[unique=true];
 #Insert new records
 INSERT_UPDATE Employee;UID[unique=true];$setPassword;description;name;groups(uid);sessionLanguage(isocode);sessionCurrency(isocode)
 ;demo-myemployeee;;A Demo Employee of XYZ;XYZ Employee;;en;;
 #End Create Employees

This employee is then granted a User Group that gives them global read-only permissions. The issue is I cannot log into the HMC with the username 'demo-myemployee' and password '1234' The username / password is apparently mismatched. If I reset the password with the admin user, I can successfully log in.