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Feb 03, 2016 at 07:00 PM

Wrong cluster message broadcasted to other environment


hi, all! Our production hybris cluster has performance issue . As we investigate, we noticed the following Log message, indicating clustering message is wrongly broadcasted to other environment ( UAT ). Our concern is, will this impact performance? Should this be addressed soon?

Background information: PRoduction and UAT are on the same VLan Production and UAT have different cluster.broadcast.method.jgroups.tcp.bind_addr and cluster.broadcast.method.jgroups.tcp.bind_port ; but same cluster.broadcast.method.jgroups.configuration=jgroups-udp.xml

alt text

[m[0;33m2016-02-03 11:25:55,503 WARN [OOB-6013,hybris-broadcast,hybrisnode-20] [][UDP] [JGRP00012] discarded message from different cluster uat-hybris-broadcast (our cluster is hybris-broadcast). Sender was bd53b515-d12f-54bd-9810-370eade335ea (received 41 identical messages from bd53b515-d12f-54bd-9810-370eade335ea in the last 60,006 ms)