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Jan 27, 2016 at 12:28 AM

Customizing the essentials section for Product in backoffice


I want to add new fields in the essentials section of the Product's editor area in the Backoffice. I used the following XML snippet in our Backoffice configuration:

 <context merge-by="module" parent="auto" type="Product" component="editor-area">
         <editorArea:editorArea xmlns:editorArea="">
             <editorArea:essentials xmlns="">
                 <essentialSection name="hmc.essential">
                     <attribute qualifier="customField1"/>
                     <attribute qualifier="customField2"/>

I can see my two custom fields in the Product's essentials section but the standard fields like code, catalogVersion are not there anymore. It seems it replaces the standard essentials section by my configuration instead of merging it with the standard configuration.

I tried merge-by="type" instead of merge-by="module" but it did not helped. I've tried to define a new essential section with a different name, it did not helped: my new section appears but the hmc.essential section does not show up. Finally, I've tried to add the attribute merge-mode="add" and merge-mode="append" in the essentialSection and essentials tags but it did not helped (it would be helpful to define in the XSD the possible values for this attribute)

Am I doing something wrong? If not, is there a way to append new fields to an existing essentials section? I saw many times in the standard hybris Backoffice configuration files that the essentials tag had the attribute merge-mode="replace". Is it the only way to customize the essentials section?