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Former Member
Jan 18, 2016 at 01:16 PM

OCC Layer with a separated storefront like React or AngularJS


Hi there,

I would like to st little discussion about topic described in the title.

Did somebody already made some experience with this kind of architecture?

What's are pros and cons of this architecture?

My Pros:

  • easier to extend and maintain

  • client-side rendering (higherperformance)

  • the storefront is separated from the backend

  • the storefront could be deployed separated

  • the OCC layer could be reused from other platforms

My Cons:

  • No hybris standard

  • Hybris CMS doesn't work anymore (You have to build your own interfaces)

  • What will happen if the framework will be not supported anymore

  • Not many frontend developers are available at the moment

  • possible Security Risks, because the code will be executed on the client

  • possible Performance Issues on the OCC side

Many thanks for answers!