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Jan 14, 2016 at 12:15 PM

Upgrade WYSIWYG editor for CMSCockpit


Hi all,

we are using hybris It uses this library for the WYSIWYG editor for CMSCockpit: fckez-2.6.1_2.jar

We want to replace it with a more advanced one,
for example the library used for backoffice: ckez-4.1.1.jar.

If we simply try to replace the library, it generates an error restarting the server related to this listener:

 SEVERE: Unable to load a listenr, [null:jar:file:/trunk/extensions/clientcockpits/lib/ckez-4.1.1.jar!/metainfo/zk/config.xml:26:12]
 org.zkoss.zk.ui.UiException: jar:file:/!/metainfo/zk/config.xml:26:12: Unable to load org.zkforge.ckez.WebAppInit

Removing the tag related to that listener from config.xml, re-creating ckez-4.1.1.jar and using it again, it generates an error in compilation: not able to find the class CKeditor.

Is there a safe way to upgrade and integrate the WYSIWYG editor for the CMSCockpit?

Many thanks