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Dec 28, 2015 at 07:49 PM

Product Cockpit Editor Area HTML Entity


Here is the situation.

I'm working with a custom product cockpit. Some custom defined product fields can contain "special characters" (Trademark, Copyright, etc). With various text for product fields display inconsistently within the Browser Area versus the Editor Area. For products, the product description, title, etc. may have "special characters" in them. With some instances of products, I observe the following:

In the Browser Area (in list view) product title and and description may render special characters properly (Example: ™ - the trademark character). However, in the Editor Area, the same text containing said character (trademark) doesn't display properly but rather displays the HTML entity value of ™ ...almost like a string literal.

In other instances, text even the Browser Area (in list view) may also show this same HTML entity value - including the same text fields within editor area.

What could be the source cause of this issue? - The way the text is stored? - Must I manually replace all ™ with the actual trademark character? This would explain why both Areas display the same HTML entity/literal "™". - The way the text is translated within the UI (differences between the Browser Area versus Editor Area)? - Is there a slightly different way the custom cockpit was created where issues within the Browser Area are handled properly, but not yet within the Editor Area? This could be a potential explanation as to the differences in display with the same text.

Notes: - If I manually edit the fields within the Editor Area to reflect the actual trademark character, then both the Browser and Editor Areas will display this character correctly. - The custom product is running within Hybris version but was created with an older version.