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Oct 30, 2015 at 11:43 PM

Synchronization Issue for Catalog


Hi All, Help required from your end please in the context of a Synchronisation issue which we are facing in all of our unix as well as windows local system. Following is the use case:

In one DEV box, there were a total of 46045 products in Staged version last night and without making any change in code 45724 has moved into online within 18 hours of time. Now in case of one of the UAT boxes, we observed, there are 46092 number of products in Staged version but only 10102 came in Online version.

Now, there are few questions in our mind which if answered will be helpful

  1. Though it is showing sync is complete in the sense of given number of records but eventually these are not getting completely synced but doing a partial one.

  2. Next, though, DEV box has got less time for synchronization, still this has synced more products than UAT (almost complete) where UAT has synced 1/4 th of staged products only. - Though again by sync I mean a partial sync but system is showing as synchrinisation is complete.

  3. Why the sync is failing while running the sync cron job? Is it because of the volume of data?