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Oct 14, 2015 at 11:26 PM

how to create multile traget item with same type, export code , attributes but different data



I am facing an issue on product import from ERP system using data hub. I am using CSV adapter for data import. Base product data is coming from ERP system but I am deriving variant product using a composition handler from base product . I need to create a market status target object for base product and variant product but from a single raw input. Please suggest how can I achieve that since target item type , export code and attributes are same but difference in the input data (separate canonical attributes with different data is available for baseproductcode and variant variantproductcode ). In general I need to create two target objects of same type with single raw data.

input data : $baseproductcode , $status
$variantproductcode is derived from $baseproductcode using composition handler

generated impex should look like :

INSERT_UPDATE MarketStatus; code[unique=true];;product(code,$catalogVersion);status
abc;$baseproductcode ; $status

INSERT_UPDATE MarketStatus; code[unique=true];;product(code,$catalogVersion);status
abc;$variantproductcode ; 'active'

I have configured spring configuration - target extension xml with different target items of same type but its generating only one target object.