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Mar 24, 2006 at 10:06 PM

Data Modelling Question about Navigational Attributes


I have following scenario -

A infocube ZPARTYTXN has a characteristics ZCUSTOMER.

ZACCTHLDR is one of the navigational attribtes of ZCUSTOMER, therefore can be used in the in InfoCube ZPARTYTXN for searching.

Now ZAACTHLDR has a navigational attribute 0COUNTRY.

We want to create a report where we can restrict the report by the attribute 0COUNTRY of ZACCTHLDR, but this attribute is not visible in the infocube for filtering.

Is there a way to filter on the attributes of a navigational attribute of a characteristics in the cube?

Or is there any other way to model this.

Essentially we want to report the txn data for ZCUSTOMER that has ZACCTHLDR in a specific country.

Can this some how be acheived using Hierarchies?