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Aug 26, 2015 at 11:52 AM

Not able to fetch values added in new column created in items.xml file - Hybris 5.4



I have added the following code in commercefacades-beans.xml , new entry = standing

 <bean class="">
         <property name="id" type="String"/>
         <property name="headline" type="String"/>
         <property name="comment" type="String"/>
         <property name="rating" type="Double"/>
         <property name="date" type="java.util.Date"/>
         <property name="alias" type="String"/>
         <property name="standing" type="String"/>
         <property name="principal" type=""/>

I also made the following entry in customerreview-items.xml

 <attribute type="java.lang.String" qualifier="standing">
                         Standing will be decided based upon the no of reviews.
                     <modifiers initial="true" optional="false" />
                     <persistence type="property" />

After running hybrisserver, i initialized the system.

The new column was created in customerReview Table.

I added a new review and inserted some value in STANDING column.

When i try to view the review, all other columns gets displayed except STANDING. It displays this column as null.

I have used the following syntax in reviewsTab.jsp -> ${review.standing}

What have i missed here?