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Former Member
Aug 11, 2015 at 02:00 PM

How to load hmc.xml changes through impex file


Hi Experts, Do we have any hints, solutions to load hmc.xml changes through impex file.

I tried by following

But when i run the below impex , i cant get any changes in System > hMC Configuration

Please help me if anybody have solution

Impex :

INSERT_UPDATE SolrIndexedType;identifier[unique=true];hmcXML; ;maplinProductType;"

             <exclusion attribute=""solrIndexedProperties"" />
     <tab name=""tab.configuration.indexedtype"">
         <section name=""sec.configuration.indexedtype"">
                     <listlayout mode=""replace"">
                         <attribute name=""identifier""/>
                         <attribute name=""type""/>
                         <attribute name=""indexName""/>
                                 <td width=""16"" />
                                 <td width=""200"">
                                     <shortcut name=""findindexedproperties"" type=""SolrIndexedProperty"" usage=""finder""
                                         <preset targetattribute=""solrIndexedType"" />
                         <attribute name=""solrIndexerQueries"">
                             <referencecollectioneditor resortable=""false"" create=""true"" remove=""true"" autosave=""false"" editable=""true"">
                                     <attribute name=""type""/>
                                     <attribute name=""query"" width=""300""/>
                         <attribute name=""identityProvider""/>
                         <attribute name=""modelLoader""/>
                         <attribute name=""valuesProvider""/>
                         <attribute name=""solrResultConverter""/>