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Jul 13, 2015 at 05:51 PM

How to add Import Cockpit extension without needing to reinitialise system?


Has anybody found a solution to

We have encountered exactly the same issue - when attempting to add the importcockpit extension the extension will appear in platform/extensions and in the hmc, but when attempting to go to /importcockpit we just get a 404 error. The solutions given in the original question are either vague, incomplete or just do not work. It seems strange that we should be unable to add any further extensions without reinitialising, so has anybody found a way to resolve this?

An answer regarding the general solution of adding an extension without reinitialising or just a solution on how to get the specific BASE_SITE/importcockpit (e.g. localhost:9001/importcockpit) to work without having to reinitialise would both be great - either one would unblock us!