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Jul 02, 2015 at 01:43 PM

How to define an ordered relation with the CollectionType SortedSet


Based on hybris documentation there should be a SortedSet for ordered relations:

CollectionTypes are based on the Java Collection class. Via the type attribute in a CollectionType's definition, you can make use of the Collection class and some of its subclasses (List, Set, and SortedSet). A Collection is a list of elements. A List is a number of ordered items. Although there may be equal items in a List, the items' order is relevant. Items in a List may be accessed by an index counter. A Set is an unordered number of items that must all be unique, no two items may be equal. A SortedSet is the combination ot a List and a Set. It contains a number of ordered items that must all be unique.

The items definition of the sourceElement looks like this:

 <sourceElement type="ClassAttributeAssignment" qualifier="namegenClassAttributeAssignments"
     cardinality="many" collectiontype="list" ordered="true">

I would expect to get a SortedSet, but the return type but i get:

 private Set<ClassAttributeAssignmentModel>

How to get a SortedSet?