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Former Member
Jul 01, 2015 at 10:55 AM

extgen yempty extension gensrc folder missing and hot deployment


Hello Extpers

I am studying the developer materials and looking forward to create a small application on the side which help me understand the overall structure of Hybris.

I'd need your assistance on two cases, First of all using ant extgen, I've created a simple empty extension pointing available "yempty" project, and it finished without indicating any issue or error. So later on I've imported the project into my Ee work space, after the building phase, it ended up showing error "extgen yempty extension gensrc folder missing" and in my localextensions xml file I've added my extension and issued "ant clean all command"

second of all, I am curious about this, according to my naming convention "hot deployment" meaning that after each deployment, do I get to issue any command after I restart the server? or new changes will be deployed onto Hybris server right away?

Thanks Tugrul