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Jun 30, 2015 at 02:52 PM

[HELP!!] Not able to execute Update from admin. console


Hello hybris experts,

I really need help here.

I have downloaded hybris Commerce Suite ver., and have done "ant clean (with "develop")", "ant all", and the "Initialize" at hybris administration console.

Then, I have done "ant modulegen" and made new accelerator folders named with "alpha", edited localextensions.xml file to disable the original accelerator extensions and activate "alpha" extensions. Then, I have done "ant all" and "Update" in admin. console.

However then, I changed my mind and decided to come back with the original accelerator files, so I changed the localextensions.xml file back to the original, where "yaccelerator" extensions are active and "alpha" extensions are commented out. Then, I have done ant all, and it has succeeded.

But the problem is from here. Next, I added color variation in yacceleratorecore-items.xml and have done ant clean all. This has succeeded, so I tried to Update the system from hybris administration console, but got the error like below.

ERROR [Thread-38] [] [DefaultLinkEntryService] Error evaluating beanshell script: Sourced file: inline evaluation of: ``return de.hybris.platform.alpha.core.util.MccSiteUrlHelper.getAllSitesAndUrls();'' : Class or variable not found: de.hybris.platform.alpha.core.util.MccSiteUrlHelper

My understanding is that something is trying to read one of the codes in the "alpha" extension file, but since I commented it out, it has caused the problem. However, I think the proghould be fixed to look for codes in yaccelerator extensions files, no more alpha extensions files.

Do I need to fix some of the files? Or did I have done something which is never able to fix?

I would be happy to have some help from hybris experts.

Best Regards, Takeshi N.